Unpolished thoughts

I am naive

I have come to the conclusion that I lack sufficient sophistication to survive in the modern world because …I think the best of people

Sad to say that, though I wish it would be so, people are not always what they might seem!

I have been burnt quite severely by employers where – I have given my all with the best of intentions only to suffer from their insensitivities, their ignorance and their (on occasion) malice.

I have also suffered when at my most vulnerable from those who, though they may have assured me that I would grow to dislike them, nevertheless purported to be likeable and so, insinuated themselves into my life only to spit me out when most needed.

Perhaps it is paranoia but mutual aquaintances have turned away from me in sufficient numbers to suggest that untruths may have been spread about me and my behaviour during the period of my lowest point – my most challenging hour.

The last two years have seen me sink to lows including severe depression brought on mostly by work related stress. At the nadir, I sought solace and friendship where I could and, somewhat manically embraced social media as a source of that friendship.

I have learnt from that mistake and, regrettably have developed a healthy scepticism for some who frequent the social media universe.

Some are true, innocent and openly loving and supportive – others are confused, mixed up & mistaken. I stop short of malicious because I am pretty sure that most are simply misguided.

As for me, I have moved on – I have joined the ranks of the self-employed and as a result, the unemployable – there is no going back now.

As a result I am now in a much healthier state of mind – my home relationships are much improved and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But I am chastened and I am cautious in cyber space – reaching out for friendship can get your hands scolded or worse can get your reputation tarnished.



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2 responses to “Unpolished thoughts

  1. I think people are people Bob. The problem with social media is that we feel we know someone very quickly and we don’t. Most of my experience has been positive for example I met you. We do need to protect ourselves though.

    • Thanks B – I hope you know where I think you fall within my lay-psychological analysis 🙂
      You are right though – getting to know people properly takes time & usually it means meeting them and reading their body language
      We think we see the whole person in social media & it’s not always the case

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