The Pigsty

Reader – I moved-in (mentally at least)
So the present Mrs Evans sold her shares & booked a short stay in the Landmark Trust’s Pigsty near Robin Hood’s Bay and we duly turned up on 10th April.
…I was jaundiced at the prospect to be honest but what the hell – a break is a break!
So here we were in a building created to house pigs at the turn of the 19th & 20th Centuries – built in the Greek style complete with appropriate columns.

And yet …it was perfect ….so peaceful with great weather – no not blistering hot – just pleasantly warm.
I for one spent long periods on the Portico taking in the sunshine, the sea views, the bird song, the distant mooing and the closer lambs.
The lambs would gambol right up to the sty and even underneath – much to the consternation of the present Mrs Evans who took to shooing them away as the noise of play underneath the sty irritated.
I also got to salve my pyro-tendancies by servicing a real log fire for a few days.
I sat for many an hour in the evenings just staring at the flames dancing in the hearth. The Property is blissfully free of television or computer signals and forces you to detox on modern life’s demands.
I have come away relaxed and recharged for the next episode in life’s rich tapestry.
And I loved it!


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