Mummy’s Boy

I was always a mummy’s boy – clinging onto my mum’s apron strings!
One of my first memories is a knee high view of my mum’s legs and the hem of her coat in the local Post Office – I milled around the shop floor as she queued and chatted, keeping an eye on her legs and coat periodically. Although kids have no concept of the passage of time I finally wondered what was taking so long and looked up my mum’s legs, over her coat to her face to find …it wasn’t her at all – mum had left the Post Office and forgotten she had little me with her. She burst back into the shop at that moment having realised the error (it was very out of character for her and she was suitably upset about it).
Despite what this anecdote might suggest, my mum was a wonderful parent and brought me up as a well mannered boy who always thought the best of people and I grew up with a huge desire to be liked and loved by everyone that I met.
Entering the world of work meant that I came up against new human sub-species with an entirely different outlook on life; there was the world weary, jaundiced veteran who knew the company was out to screw them as were all of their colleagues, there was the cynical opportunist who didn’t care who they stabbed on their way to the top and there were many other undesirables who eroded my rose tinted view of the world.
Over time I myself signed on the line for Mammon Plc and was promoted, accepting the need to scrap the company’s final salary pension scheme and ruthlessly letting colleagues go when business needs demanded it.
As senior manager & Director of various organisations I guess tough decisions come with the territory but sometimes they and the internal politics of organisations can wear you down to the point where you question your own values.
I grew to dislike what I had become – where was that fresh-faced kid who just wanted to be loved & who believed that everyone out there was intrinsically good?
I think that’s why I grew to like Twitter once I understood how to use it (yes it did take me a little while to grasp how it worked ….ahem!)
It seemed that on Twitter the vast majority of people were really friendly and keen to assist whatever your query. I entered into the spirit of things and began to regain my own self belief – I enjoyed helping others & actually got a huge kick out of doing so.
Chatting with people on Twitter has made me challenge myself and what I want from life to the extent that I am on the verge of carrying out a Life Laundry / Life Audit to see where that takes me.
Of course Twitter is no panacea and there are some rogues on there who have really upset people but overall I think it works well.
As I have covered extensively in recent blogs, I have just lost one of my closest Twitter friends who has chosen to stop using the service and as the days pass my initial reaction is changing. I am now certain that I have over-reacted to what was ostensibly a well-meaning act.
Although I will definitely miss my friend – she has done what she feels is best and I respect her for doing that & I hope things work out well for her.


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